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operation:MERCY – Revival House – Scarrella Ministries
While on the East African mission field in 2006, the overwhelming compassion of Christ consumed both Susie and I and with that we realized that while we could not save and rescue each and every orphaned child or take care of every widow in East Africa, we may be able to become part of the solution in as many precious lives as possible.

“Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts]
in the sight of our God and Father is this:
to visit and look after the fatherless …”
– James 1:27

After looking into the eyes of the children that we encountered our prayer quest began and in the weeks following our return, operation:MERCY World Missions was born. operation:MERCY  was started with the simple, but deep desire to impact the nations spiritually and also practically. operation:MERCY is only a part of Scarrella Ministries, but a big part nonetheless.

Some of the areas that operation:MERCY serves to impact the nations:

  • We assist other ministries who are hands-on in the field working diligently to rescue adults and children from a life caught in human/sex trafficking. Those whom we are able to help rescue are given the practical necessities along with intense spiritual guidance to acclimate into a productive and free life in Jesus.
  • At least once each year we conduct mass outdoor Gospel crusades somewhere in the world, leading thousands and thousands of souls to the Kingdom of God. The spiritual fruit that is produced from these events are then gathered up and placed under the care and guidance of a loving pastor in a new, local church plant.
  • REVIVAL HOUSE East Africa Orphanage Home Project. Although we are in the process of fundraising to begin building construction, we already have the land in which to build it and a staff of trustworthy, spirit-filled believers who are eager to operate the home. REVIVAL HOUSE will be a home parented by Spirit-filled, Christian “mothers and fathers” who will provide orphaned children with food, clothing and shelter in a full care facility. REVIVAL HOUSE children will be shown and taught the unconditional love of Jesus and they will attend school as they are transformed into strong, dauntless Christians who will become a powerful impact in their world.

An estimated 6 million children are orphaned in Uganda and Tanzania alone.


If you’d like to be a part of operation:MERCY World Missions projects we welcome your generous offerings and donations to help us reach our goal in order to begin breaking ground in construction of Revival House. Your donations for this wonderful project, and others like it will change lives and impact nations for the Glory of God! Here are some ways that you are able to donate.

1. CLICK HERE to be directed to our online offering tool
2. Phone in your missions offering to 954.336.5993
3. Mail your missions offering to: Scarrella Ministries; PO Box 9427, Coral Springs, FL 33075; USA

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our vision for the building of Revival House East Africa Orphanage or any of the other world missions projects we are currently undertaking.

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