Two Great Lights

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In the first book and first chapter of the bible we are introduced to what God called two great lights – one to rule the day and the other to rule the night. These two lights paint for us a prophetic picture of Christ and of His Church. Christ was sown in the earth with a purpose to rule and reign with the power of God. Jesus was the “light to rule the day.” (John 1)


As the light that ruled the day, Jesus ministered and spoke with Godly authority and power (Mark 1:22), speaking as God in human flesh. We read that when He spoke sicknesses were healed, leapers were cleansed, water was turned into wine, religious men were angered, men walked on the water, money was found in the mouths of fish, food was multiplied, dead men were revived to life and countless many other supernatural happenings took place.

As the Church of Jesus Christ we are to emulate and imitate our Lord, acting and speaking just as He and demonstrating the same power, even greater power. As the Church of Jesus we must rise out of a defeated mentality that robs us of our authority and power and begin to spiritually mature. It’s time for the Church of Jesus to come out of the closet and fulfill her purpose as the “lesser light to rule the night.”


Simple science has taught us that the earth’s moon has no illuminating power within itself. The light that the human eye sees at we gaze up into the darkened night is nothing more that the reflection from the sun, the greater light, which rules the day. The moon reflects the brilliant light given from the burning sun and as it does it lights up the earth’s night. We rule this earth by reflecting the power of the God’s light.


When Adam and Eve were placed into the Garden of Eden they were purposed to have dominion and authority over all things. They weren’t created and placed in the garden only to one day “fly away” to Heaven. The Father desired to forever commune and have fellowship with them right there in the place of their dominion. As God ruled Heaven, His man would rule the earth.


It’s time to shine, not of your own illumination, but from the reflection of the very Light of Life, Jesus. Be encouraged and step-up a little higher into a greater dimension of the authority with which you’ve been given and see God’s powerful hand move in your life day by glorious day!

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